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News & Events

Mass for the Protection for Religious Liberty; Rosary after school and hearing in South Euclid

On Monday, December 11th Fr. Ireland will celebrate a special Mass for the protection of religious liberty at 12:10 p.m. The Lyceum will attend and sing at that Mass.  Please join us.  We will also pray the rosary at 3:30 p.m. after dismissal.  All are welcome.

That evening at 7:00 p.m., The City of South Euclid, Committee of the Whole, will again consider its “ORD. 12-17:  [so-called ] NONDISCRIMINATION   LEGISLATION.”  See attached.  

I also encourage you to read or reread Cardinal Sarah’s address at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast regarding religious liberty, the Christian family, and gender idealogy.  It can be found here

Cardinal Sarah writes:  “So all manner of immorality is not only accepted and tolerated today in advanced societies, but even promoted as a social good. The result is hostility to Christians, and, increasingly, religious persecution.  Nowhere is this clearer than in the threat that societies are visiting on the family through a demonic “gender ideology,” a deadly impulse that is being experienced in a world increasingly cut off from God…”

2018 Family Picnic - MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Date: Sunday, July 29, 2018

Location: Metroparks Brecksville Reservation - Ottowa Point Picnic Area Shelter

Help Support Creation of Jim Hogan's audio book, Time Travel at the Speed of Christ's Light

We are going to do an audio book of Time Travel at the Speed of Christ's Light. We are also going to have Dick Russ narrate it and Mr. Hogan will do commentary as well. We will then break down the book is to 26 minute sections for radio broadcast. Please share the link as well: http://smoothstone.org/projects/hogan/ 

Dick volunteered his time and talent and also got us great pricing on the production. So if we raise the $12,500 we should be able to pay Mr. Hogan $5,000 which would be at the very high end of what authors get for audio books. If we raise more, we can do additional projects. More importantly, the chairman of the board and President of Catholic answers have already promised to help us promote it. We feel we have a real opportunity to turn Mr. Hogan's Cross into a Crown by spreading Mr. Hogan’s teaching across the country for AMDG! 


Jim Soltis

Founder & President

Smooth Stone Foundation